The Impact Of Art On Art Education Essay

The Impact Of Art On Art Education Essay

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As a student majoring in Art Education, the history of art plays an important role in every aspect of my field of study. To begin, art’s history is important in showing myself where particular styles from the past can inspire works in today’s modern world, and who and where we get these methods from. In turn, me studying the history of art allows me to better explain to my student where we get these modern styles and techniques to help myself better explain the projects I assign to them. Lastly, no matter what part of the art world a person decides to choose for a career, whether it be education or fine arts, a knowledge of the history of the subject is always important to have. Overall, art history is an important subject for any artist, including myself, to study.
Firstly, art history teaches me as an educator where we get the styles today, and when and where they came from. For example, I do a lot of figure drawing, so it’s important for me to see where size proportions for the human body started and where they are now. The ancient Egyptians are one the most recognized for developing a method to map out a human body to replicate human figures evenly and in a uniform style. This translates into my work today because I am in the process of making a comic book, and to replicate the same character multiple times, a version of this method is incredibly helpful in doing so. It is important to be knowledgeable in the subject not only as a student and an educator, but as an artist. This is because it is important to be aware of the history of your field when you choose it as the career path for the rest of your life.
Secondly, it is important for me to know the history of art and where it started to explain this to my future student...

... middle of paper ... in art history because they need to see a progression of styles to help them decide what would make for an interesting design in today’s age.
History plays an important role in my career as an art education major for the following reasons. To begin, as an art education major it is important for me to understand the ways in which art has and has not changed over the centuries, and how art influences from ancient times can affect works created today from traditional art to architecture. Secondly, as an art educator art history is important because I need to be able to explain to my students why we do certain things in the art world and where they come from. Finally, regardless of the field of art a person is going into, knowing the history of art is important. Overall, art history is important to know because the art of the past helps shape the art of the future.

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