The Impact Of Advertising On Our Daily Lives Essay

The Impact Of Advertising On Our Daily Lives Essay

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The theme of advertising can be seen in many different parts of our daily lives and has a large effect on what we chose to buy and who we support forum a retail standpoint. There are many ways advertisers attempting to influence us in all types of consuming media, magazines, newspapers, video games, social media, movies and the list goes on. All these different forms of media are used to go after and push the viewer into some understanding of the product and convince them of something. Exploring one of theses disciplines of media, we will find this overarching theme just as, predominantly, personalised website advertisements are a good example to use for this. The use of this highly targeted media is done in such a way that is always compliments whatever you are looking at or might wish to look at and every ad company uses this data to leverage an ad campaign that is exclusively tailored to exactly tailor to what you feel is lacking in your life or anything you could possibly be interested in.

As we go through our daily lives, we are subject to a bombardment of advertisements that are specifically targeted to the person that is using the web. The end game of most of the advertisers that exist on the web, is to make sure there that the advertisement is viewed by someone that it may actually apply to. And because of this they in turn have to create ways of telling why type of person you are and what you 're interested in only by using what you enjoy looking at on the internet. The real focus of this is how exactly we make throws assumptions and how we look at what we think the person looking at the screen would want to see in the advertisement. Another factor is what exactly they are going to attempt to sell you. For the purpo...

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...ments. Phrases such as “we thought you might be still looking” or “We know you would love to look at this” all of ploys to attempt to get you to go back onto the site and looking at their products once more in hopes that you will finally buy their things or at least get you back onto their sight. And finally we see evidence even in our email with tailored emails that are designed perfectly to push whatever product that you may have been looking at that day.

Advertising is an ever evolving market that will continue to embrace new technology and new ways to bring their products as close to us as they can. Their ability to do so was increased greatly by the adoption of the internet as a trusted shopping platform. As technology gets better even more will show just how embedded advertisement and the ability to tack our wants and needs will only increase down this path.

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