Essay about The Impact Of Advertising And Children On Children

Essay about The Impact Of Advertising And Children On Children

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Alastair Garrett
English 101A
Mr. Marcel Kristel
March 23, 2015

The Impact of Advertising And Children

To persuade, to inform, to entice, to appeal, to delegate, and to sell are all forms of advertising. Companies have mastered the art of advertising. Either it’s directed towards children, adults, elderly, handicapped, or foreigners, advertising campaigns have an impact on everybody, both directly and indirectly. For several years, and especially more so today, companies have designed strategic and sophisticated approaches in their advertising campaigns to lure in potential consumers, especially young children, through various use of appeals, styles, and “weasel words”.
In Jib Fowles excerpt, “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” Fowles notes that advertisers have recognized how to specifically target different social groups and classes in society while positively attacking our most motivated and vulnerable desires. With this knowledge advertisers seek to penetrate our unfulfilled urges that we have generating in our minds and use various emotional and subconscious appeals to effectively cling on to our lusts and ambitions. Advertisements can appeal to the need of sex, affiliation, nurture, guidance, aggress, achievement, dominance, prominence, attention, autonomy, escape, safety, aesthetic sensations, curiosity, and physiological such as food, drink, sleep, etc. (Fowles) These appeals can start in children at a very young age as they are most likely to be more vulnerable to what they think they want and need. Children watch television in which commercials are designed to target them and teach them on how to buy things they don’t have and emotionally feel like they need, toys for example, to either be a part of the trend ...

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...he weasel word is the key catch phrase, that an average consumer usually forgets or completely overlooks the weasel word. Another example, which one may argue as false and vague advertising, is for cigarettes. Winston uses its slogan: “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.” Exactly how cigarettes should taste is questionable, but children may associate this with something they should try because cigarettes may “taste good.”
In conclusion, advertisers have stood through the test of time and made it abundantly clear that they will continually strive to convince consumers that with trial and error, laws and regulations, advertising techniques, appeals, styles, and use of certain “weasel words, are here to stay. The cognitive development in children through these exposed advertising campaigns remain vulnerable and powerless in persuasion.


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