Essay about The Impact Of A Nurturing Family Environment On Emotion Regulation

Essay about The Impact Of A Nurturing Family Environment On Emotion Regulation

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The Impact of a Nurturing Family Environment on Emotion-Regulation & Security in Relationships
This article talks about how a nurturing family environment is linked with midlife emotion-regulatory styles and late-life security in intimate relationships. A nurturing family environment can have many benefits on human beings. There is no doubt that security in intimate relationships is essential for longevity of the relationship. Children who have close relationships with their mother are more likely to have healthy intimate relationships with their spouse in later life. Multiple techniques are used to measure the data of the individuals for instance, interviews were used very often in this study. The study consisted of three different variables such as, family environment, adaptiveness of emotion-regulation strategies, and security of attachment. Coders were often used to deal with some of the data and to code the information. The sample that was used for the study consisted of 81 men who were part of a longitudinal study over the period of 78 years.
The study used three different variables, one of the three is family environment. To measure family environment data was taken from intake interviews and it included notes from reports of their home life and the interviews with parents in their homes. Coders gathered this data to rate the quality of his or her relationship with their father or mother. A scale that measures from 1 (distant, hostile, or overly punitive) to 5 (nurturing, encouraged positive autonomy, fostered self-esteem) was used to rate the quality of relationships between adolescents and parents. Coders also rated the quality of overall warmth and cohesiveness in family environment. They also used a scale rang...

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...extbook, “Sampling is the process of selecting units from a population of interest, so that by studying the sample you can generalize your results to the population from which the units were chosen.” (p. 80). You are basically taking a sample out of a population in hopes of it representing that entire population. Sample is more responsible because it is practically impossible to test an entire population. That would require too much work and too much time.

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Waldinger, R. J., & Schulz, M. S. (2016). The Long Reach of Nurturing Family Environments: Links with Midlife Emotion-Regulatory Styles and Late-Life Security in Intimate Relationships. Journal of Psychological Science, 27(11) 1443 –1450, DOI: 10.1177/0956797616661556.

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