The Impact of a Label: ADHD Essay

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Bellanca, F., & Pote, H. (2013). Children's attitudes towards adhd, depression and learning disabilities. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 13(4), 234-241.
In this article from the Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, Pote and Bellanca (2013) explore children’s attitudes towards ADHD other Learning Disabilities from a conative (measure of social distance) and cognitive (measure of positive or negative attributes ascribed to a person) perspective. The results of their study showed that characteristics associated with ADHD can result in negative attitudes and stigma from other children, causing problems with peer relationships. The other children begin to perceive an individual with ADHD’s behaviors in a negative manner, in order to justify their discomfort around someone who is “different”. Their study also showed that those who have had previous contact with children suffering from ADHD had more positive attitudes towards them.
The authors of this paper are both professors of Clinical Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. The authors remain unbiased throughout their paper by frequently backing up their claims with their own research and other credible sources. Their findings add concrete evidence to back up what Dr. David Parker (2014) was saying about how the presence of positive relationships can be beneficial for children and teens with ADHD. Despite the fact that this research looks into British children, the findings should still be consistent with those of American teens. Bellanca and Pote’s article supports my claim that people suffering from ADHD find it more difficult to build friendships, by offering concrete evidence and professional insight.
Kent, E. (Director) (2010). I can'...

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... which areas I struggle in due to my disorder.

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