The Impact "Iron Jawed Angels" Had On Me

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In our class we read about women suffragist. The textbook had small little section of what they did to help us. In the end they made Woodrow Wilson the hero of women being able to vote and also the hero of WWI. But Ms. Colon made us watch a movie called “Iron Jawed Angels.” It was the total opposite of what we read in the textbook and made a really great impact on me. The movie made me look at women here before me and the women who fought for my rights in such a different way. The main women in this movie were Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Inez Milholland. The woman that hit me most was Inez Milholland. She sacrificed the most in the movie, her life. When I looked back on it the people who were against women’s rights didn’t want a martyr to inspire people but Inez was a martyr. Knowing that she was no longer in good health and dying slowly she continued with her crusade to get what she felt was hers and died doing it. I respect her because she died for and with a purpose. The most outstanding image to me of this movie was the whole jail situation. It wasn’t only the parts were that...

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