Essay on The Impact Immigrants have on the Economy

Essay on The Impact Immigrants have on the Economy

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The world is becoming an increasingly interconnected place and this trend is continuing. As a result, countries are facing new problems that are requiring policy changes in many highly contentious fields. Of major concern are the immigration and citizenship policies of many western nations that are receiving a majority of the immigrants. This is a highly salient issue because people are concerned about the effect immigrant populations will have on voting trends and the jobs that they could take from citizens. Rarely discussed, though of vital importance, is the immense impact that immigrants have on the economy, as they take low paying jobs that the average citizen would scoff at. If these immigrants are willing to take such low paying positions and be disadvantaged in some of the world’s largest economies, it calls to question what the grounds for excluding them from the political process are. I will argue that the elitist theories of Schumpeter and the early writings of Dahl have contributed to the marginalization of these groups and are not democratic at all. Only Dahl’s later work, Democracy and Its Critics, presents a state that can be viewed as truly democratic and applicable in a real political system.
Dahl’s work is a synthesis of his learnings, an understand that his original ideas about democracy and the ideals of others left out some key democratic ideals that leave the consumer looking for more, certainly wondering what is democratic about the system proposed. This becomes very apparent in Schumpeter’s work Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy as he suggests that as long as there is competition in a system it may consider democratic. “And we define: the democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving a...

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... democracy, they are not inherently democratic. The use of these theories to handle the growing issue of what to do with the immigrant populations is not realistic and would likely cause uproar among the those groups as well as the citizenry of the state. We must use the system that is laid out in Democracy and Its Critics to act like the highly democratic nation that we see ourselves as but also to recognize the flaws in the polyarchy that has developed. Dahl’s model is one that allows us to further develop, to incorporate the “huddled masses” that come to us and create a more perfect democracy.

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