Essay on Impact Drivers A Complete Guide

Essay on Impact Drivers A Complete Guide

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Impact Drivers-A Complete Guide
When you think of iconic, must have tools that you will find in every garage, what do you usually think of? Most people will probably say cordless drills, circular saws, hammers, etc., tools like that. What people most people probably would not name, are impact drivers. Although they are not a well-known tool, at least when compared with cordless drills and saws, they are a very useful tool to have around. Impact drivers are small, cordless drill like tools, that are used to either loosen screws and nuts that are unable to be taken out by a traditional screwdriver; on the other hand, they are also used to tighten screws and nuts that need to be tightened with more torque than can be provided by a screwdriver. They can be used on a wide array of jobs; everything from building decks to tightening some screws around the house can be made easier by having an impact driver. They were once considered specialty tools, only used by serious contractors and professional carpenters; but with the rising popularity of DIY (do it yourself) home repair, it has become more common to keep an impact driver around the house. If you are deciding to get an impact driver, either for yourself or as a present for someone else, but do not know where to start, do not worry, because I am here to help. I have written this guide to inform people about what to look for when buying an impact driver. If you have any concerns about impact drivers, this guide will help you.
How do they work?
Impact drivers essentially work by combining high torque with high impact tapping. If you have no idea what that means, picture it this way. Imagine if while turning a screw, you started tapping it with a hammer; the screw would go in faster. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...tiple batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a job, and having your battery die.
Size, weight, and comfort
When buying an impact driver carefully evaluate how it feels in your hand, how much it weighs, and how much space it takes up. You will likely be holding an impact driver for long periods of time, so make sure it is comfortable to use.
Power and speed
So, obviously you will want a powerful impact driver. Power and speed are measured by looking at the torque, voltage, and RPMs of an impact driver. Higher voltage, higher torque, and higher RPMs mean more power and speed. Consider what you need the tool to do. If you are going to be working on a lot of screws in quick succession, go for an impact driver with a high RPM count. Do you need power? Well, then look for an impact driver with lots of torque and a high voltage battery.

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