The Immunization Study And The Stanford Prison Study Essay

The Immunization Study And The Stanford Prison Study Essay

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Both the Immunization study and the Stanford Prison study told life changing stories, however, in my opinion the Immunization study by far did the most damage and continues to cause havoc throughout the world. In this discussion forum I will examine the reasons why I stand behind this claim and what I believe could have been done to prevent the story from being released and the damage control that should have been done once it was released.
The Immunization study was released over 18 years ago by Andrew Wakefield and 12 others (Sathyanarayana Rao & Andrade, 2011) however, the effects of it still make a wave in the majority of parent’s decision to vaccinate their children, as it is a story that the majority of us may have never read, but have surely heard about. The risk of vaccination… it really worth it; will my decision to vaccinate harm my child? Unfortunately, as a parent I think this question weighs heavily on our minds when our little’s go in for their first shots and every time after that.
The release of this study has wreaked havoc on many lives around the world in the last 18 years, caused a decline in the amount of children being vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella with the MMR vaccine and caused distrust in the medical field. According to Jeffrey Kluger of Time magazine, a recent study was done by Medscape to find out the compliance of parents vaccinating their children and the reasons why they chose to decline. This study showed that 37% of parents still decline to vaccinate their children with the MMR vaccination and 77% of those parents state it is due to fear of autism (Kluger, 2016). Although the rates of children being vaccinated have risen over the last few years, the number is still not adequatel...

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...utlets that will continue to stand by his fraudulent claims against the irrevocable evidence that proves Wakefield’s claims to be false. After all the media enjoys running stories that sell. However, the decision to vaccinate lies solely on a parent, vaccination is important to help keep kids safe from preventable diseases. Maintaining the vaccination schedule and getting children vaccinated is imperative as the vaccines were developed to reduce the risk to our children, not to cause risk and damage. If someone decides not to vaccinate due to relevant research from a reliable source that the vaccine will in fact cause harm then I can stand by that. I have hope that our school system will continue to protect our children by ensuring that students are fully vaccinated and I will do my part as a parent and ensure that my children are up to date on their vaccinations.

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