Essay on The Immunity to Change Personal Development Process

Essay on The Immunity to Change Personal Development Process

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In this paper we will discuss how the Immunity to Change (ITC) and the Constructivism Developmental Theory (CDT) can be used in service of personal and spiritual evolution. We will look at an ITC map and the data generated by it and then reflect upon this information. To do this we start by introducing the terms of ITC and CDT and how we can make use of them to support our developmental growth. Furthermore, we are going to explore my personal ITC map and how working with it, through the lens of CDT, has led me to an adaptive change, to my personal growth and evolution.
Immunity to Change is one of CDT ‘s (Constructivism Developmental Theory) most powerful tools and it can be used by anyone, regardless of their interests, be them personal or professional. It helps in uncovering the hidden commitments and motivations that stop us from achieving our goals. It brings to light our Big Assumptions and enables us to hold them as Object rather than just be ran by them. Using the ITC map reveals to us not only what has been holding us back but also gives us a chance to come up with clear, objective goals and actions that can lead to a developmental, adaptive change rather than a technical one.
CDT studies the way we make and understand meaning or knowledge that either In-Forms us or Trans-Forms us. It looks at HOW we perceive and see the world around us lieu of the WHAT is being perceived. Constructivist part of CDT posits that “persons or human systems are constitutive of experience. We constitute reality, we don’t just copy reality” and that “every single moment of your life you choose what you pay attention to and what you disregard” (Kegan, 2014). The Developmental part supports the idea that we constantly change on all le...

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...d more comprehensive. This new vantage point is both more simple and more complex as it enables us to see both the forest and the trees, all in one glance.
I am now ready to pursue another goal, that of writing a book of questions that can help us to pierce through the veil of ignorance and help us climb up on the ladder of evolution, from one Order of Mind to the next.


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Kegan, R., & Laskow Lahey, L. (2009). Immunity to change. How to overcome it and unlock the potential in yourself and your organization. Boston: Harvard Business Press.

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