The Immigration's Economy Essay

The Immigration's Economy Essay

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The Immigration’s Economy
How many of the legals in the United States have noticed the large number of illegal immigrants in the country increase drastically? Over the last couple years the United States has seen a decline in the economy, which in part has been due to the illegal immigration, mainly coming from the Latin American countries. The characteristic of an immigrant, the amount of money on healthcare and medical care being spent, and the employment status of illegal immigrants have been the main focus by the government.
The characteristics of an illegal have been talked about a lot lately by the government. The age, gender, marital status, and family size especially have been discussed. According to studies done by Hoefer, Rytina, and Baker, around sixty percent of the immigrants that come into the United States in 2009 were thirty-four years old or younger (5). Which then means that the immigrants will be in the country a while and working, needing medical attention, etc. Along with the age, gender has also been talked about. Gender has an effect as well because if more males come than females it will mean there is going to be more jobs that the immigrants take, and therefore fewer taxes that the government gets because the immigrants get paid in cash and not checks. More research done by Hoefer, Rytina, and Baker shows that a little more than sixty percent of the immigrants that came into the United States in 2009 were male (5). Marital status and family size go hand in hand because the more family members that are in the household the more money that needs to be earned and more medical attention that the family is going to need. As stated earlier the money is going to be made in cash so the government will not ge...

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...ince most illegals have families, are in prime age, and families, as well as jobs and need medical attention this leaves the taxpaying legal citizens or legal immigrants to pay for the illegal’s medical bills and cover for them as well as pay for our own bills and taxes.

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