Immigration : The Land Of Economic Opportunity Essay

Immigration : The Land Of Economic Opportunity Essay

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Have you ever wondered what really changed America? The answer to that question is immigration . Due to immigration spiking tremendously in the late 1800s, America was changed forever. America 's population increased by record levels, the job industries were at all time highs, and America became a more diverse country. Immigration transformed American society and culture. I showed the americans that diversity as well as unity are a symbol of national strength. .America was known as “ the land of economic opportunity.” Immigrants came to America from all over the world. Most immigrants in the late 1800s were from Germany, Ireland, and England. Although industrial jobs were the main pull factor for immigration, there were several reasons for their move to America. Some of the reasons included job and land shortages, crop failure, rising of taxes, famine, and some even simply seeking religious freedom.

It may seem though, as it was a simple process for someone to come to America, but it was not. There was a lengthy process the immigrants had to endure. The moment ships arrived in the harbor, inspectors boarded the ship to start the first step of the inspection process. Next they unloaded the ship and went into lines where they waited their turn for the health inspection. The health inspections later became known as “six second physicals.” These were quick inspections where the doctors or nurses would either send them forward or mark their suspicions on the immigrants hand or clothes. “H” indicated possible heart problems. ” LCD” stood for loathsome contagious disease. Immigrants with marks would go for further inspection by a doctor. After that, the immigrants were questioned. They were asked s...

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...oducts they purchase from American companies. Many immigrants have come into the United States over the years. It is safe to say that America would not be the place it is today if it was not for immigration. Imagine a country where everyone speaks the same language, eats the same foods, and has the same characteristics and mannerisms for the most part. This is the kind of world many people in other countries live in. Here in America that is certainly not the case. America is known as The Great Melting Pot because of the many ethnic backgrounds represented by all of the people that live here in America. It is hard imagine what America would be like today if immigrants had not decided to make the voyage to America to make it their new home. The countless contributions from immigrants over the years shaped our country into the great nation that it is today.

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