Essay on The Immigration Status Of Undocumented

Essay on The Immigration Status Of Undocumented

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Illegals, aliens, wetbacks. These are all words that have been used by our society to describe the immigration status of undocumented individuals. However, when we hear these terms, most of us make the assumption that we are referring to one specific group of people. In our minds, we create the image of someone from Latino or Hispanic descent, crossing the Mexican border through the Rio Grande River. Unfortunately, in the United States, this is the stereotypical profile of an undocumented immigrant. Even though pro-immigration organizations such as United We Dream work hard to try to fight this common portrayal, in many of its own campaigns and stories that they put out, they continue to feed into this erroneous representation by failing to demonstrate the diversity that actually exists in the undocumented immigrant community. However, by following the strategies put forth by Burke’s identification theory concepts of consubstantiality through idealistic identification in their various messaging techniques and considering the cultural and racial divisions that exist within the movement, United We Dream could be a more inclusive organization, welcoming those undocumented immigrants who do not necessarily identify as the stereotypical Latino immigrant to become more visible in the movement itself and benefit from the network of resources that this group offers.
Not all immigrants are Latino, specifically Mexican. The Migration Policy Institute put out a report analyzing the unauthorized immigration in our country using data from 2009 to 2013 and they claim that currently there are approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants in our country. Of those, about “56% is from Mexico, 15% is from Central America, mainly from the North...

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...hich they can share similar experiences.
Storytelling is a powerful identification strategy because stories “help define our collective identity and values.” (Stewart, Denton, and Smith 150). Stories “are social tools that both reflect and break with cultural norms to help individuals and collectives digest experience and dramatize process of becoming.” (Stewart, Denton, and Smith 151). Like Burke says, consubstantiality, and identification overall, cannot happen without division. What consubstantiality does is that instead of focusing just on the divisions, it helps individuals find the similarities between them, the “substance” that unites them. Storytelling and narratives “emphasize the simultaneous presence of multiple, interlinked realities, […] well positioned for capturing the diversity and complexity present in strategic discourse” ( Nemčoková 111). Stories

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