Essay about `` Immigration : Rich Diversity Or Social Burden?

Essay about `` Immigration : Rich Diversity Or Social Burden?

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In 1814, Francis Scott Keys wrote a famous poem that ended with “… land of the free and the home of the brave” (32) that became known as “The Star Spangled Banner”. The national anthem is an emotional tribute to all American ancestors that arrived to this land and fought for this country’s rights and privileges. This is a country founded from many different nationalities; a nation of immigrants. Robert Morrow highlights in his book, “Immigration: Rich Diversity or Social Burden?” that “many see America’s immigrant heritage as the country’s very foundation” (9). The United States of America has the unique history of being the only country in the world to have been settled by different cultures from all over the world. Though this country’s history is filled with many immigrant success stories, in today’s world should the doors still be open for everyone? The world, and this country, has changed dramatically over the last two hundred years. There are many legal ways to gain entry into this country, so should illegal aliens be granted a path to citizenship or amnesty? The legal website defines immigration amnesty as a term for a “government’s pardon of an illegal immigrant for violating policies related to immigration laws and policies.”
People have come to this country for many reasons. Mr. Marrow listed in his book some of the “basic reasons people have immigrated: they were offered a chance for personal improvement, to reunite with family, war, famine, poverty, or religious/political persecution” (13). Sometimes only small groups of people immigrated at a time, but other times people came in the thousands. The first attempt to control who could enter this country was when the federal government initiated the “Alien Act of...

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...ople go unpunished for crimes committed, amnesties undermine the rule of law” (252). President Obama wants to allow amnesty for millions of people that are in this country illegally. Although this country was founded by immigrants two hundred years ago, times have changed. The world is a different place, with different concerns from the past. Terrorism is a real concern. The spreading of diseases is a real concern. The American dream is not dead, but it does need to change with the times. American taxpayers have enough to be concerned about, without being worried that they are supporting illegal aliens.
Now is the time for the American voices to be heard. American citizens should not sit passively by while the government struggles to work on new immigration reform. The American people should contact elected representatives and make them abide by the will of the people

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