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Immigration Restrictions Essay

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Total inhalation of immigration would not be a healthy choice for the United States. However, setting out for stricter laws to become a citizen is in need. There are over 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States (poll 2011). Therefore, having restrictions on immigration overall can help the economy grow, security at airports, docs, borders, and on the streets would not only lessen the illegal immigrants around the country, but supply more jobs for Americans. Illegal immigrants not only live in the U.S, but are supplied jobs in which were made for American workers.

Naturalization Act of 1870: Control Naturalization Process and penalization of fraudulent practices. The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) allowed the U.S. to suspend Chinese immigration, a ban that was intended to last 10 years. The Immigration Act of 1917 made it mandatory for everyone over the age of sixteen to take a literacy test to become a citizen; during this time the Asiatic Barred Zone was also established which barred all immigrants from Asia. In 1980, the Refugee Act removed refugee as a preference category, lowering the worldwide ceiling for immigration. In those times, the United States had various restrictions set towards immigration. However, illegal immigration still took place during that time.

Unemployment of 7.3% has been a part of having illegal immigrants taking jobs of Americans. Many construction jobs and hardworking jobs are being taken from Americans because many immigrants are willing to do more work for less pay and this can truly affect the unemployment rate. Multiple occasions, in which, a citizen of the United States cannot find any jobs, having to start a new career, possibly having to move to where one can find a fertile econom...

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...lp to boost United States economy and give many Americans jobs.

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