Essay on Immigration Reform Should Be Legal

Essay on Immigration Reform Should Be Legal

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In the United States alone there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants (“ Why does” 1). With these 11 million immigrants exists a big argument which is if an immigration reform law should be created? Some people argue that a immigration reform will benefit our economy. But the other side of the argument is the immigration reform is not needed because we would be rewarding criminals. During the presidential election we have heard both sides to this argument with the Republicans and Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Now the question is which side is the correct one?
For some an immigration reform seems to be the less expensive approach for others and immigration reform seems to be against a constitutional value. When an illegal immigrant is found guilty for a crime such as a traffic violation or theft they are usually deported or put it in a lock up system. This lock up system costs 2 billion a year which many argue is a massive waste of taxpayers dollars ( “Why Does”1). The United States by allowing a bunch of illegal people into the country have allowed a financial drain on the economy which does not allow the U.S to be stronger as a whole but instead it has become weaker ( Dech 1). 70% of the U.S agricultural Workforce is undocumented ( Stenholm 1). 90% of the 11 million who are undocumented are working pay social security taxes and property taxes (Stenholm 2). This means workers are working for less or that the employers are abusing these workers by hiring them for cheaper pay compared to documented workers. Many believe that this has caused legal documented workers to have fewer jobs available for them. Illegal immigrants work very hard in this country but it can also be argued that because of them cheap...

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...erred action for parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Resident, or DAPA ( Ricker 2). This law was created to keep families together in the U.S.
Immigration reform is a huge topic which still remains unsolved. Keeping families together is important which is why President Obama created DAPA. Not only this but the flood of illegal immigrants has left people to wonder if the need for building a wall is necessary to keep our nation safe. The building of this was would require the United states to use our own resources and create more jobs due to the fact that surveillance for this wall will be needed.On the other hand the United States has benefited greatly with these immigrants because they work for less pay in the agricultural field and many pay taxes. Will and immigration reform benefit our United States nation or is one just not needed that question still remains.

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