Immigration Reform : An Essential Priority For Hillary Clinton Essay

Immigration Reform : An Essential Priority For Hillary Clinton Essay

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Immigration has always been a focal issue in political arguments. Debate on the issue has recently picked up over the last decades for various reason therefore, charges have been suggested and made. Views on immigration are distinctively different and it’s shown in proposed immigration reforms from multiple individuals .Hillary Clinton immigration reform is exceptional compared to those of her counterparts. The reform includes a chance to be granted full citizenship, health care, and to specifically help immigrants who plan to attend college or have been a positive impact on society.
The promise to promote a full immigration reform that can lead to equal citizenship is an essential priority for Hillary Clinton. “The American people support comprehensive immigration reform not just because it’s the right thing to do… it will strengthen families, strengthened our economy, and strengthened our country.” (Presidential campaign staff, “America needs comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.”) Hillary Clinton understands that there is a large amount of illegal immigrants who wish not to be hunted down for trying to find an enhanced living commodity for themselves and their families. Also, many immigrants who are trying to become American citizens aren’t capable to do so due to economic and social disadvantages. Promoting a reform allowing immigrants a helping hand to reach an already close to impossible dream of becoming hard working individuals that seek good for themselves and future generations that could possibly provide advantages to the society of the United States. Overall Hillary Clinton is seeking advancement and fair treatment for people who are placed with a label of an illegal alien entering the c...

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... forward to a brighter future for every person living in America. Health care, education and the right to fight to become a legal citizen is something that can take time but in the long run, it can end up as a positive. In addition, nothing can be perfect that’s why patience has to be a paramount aspect when it comes to any reform. If Hillary Clinton’s reform is introduced and passed it probably won’t be effective during the early stages and might have some restructuring to do but it’s still better to anything the American government has proposed over the last couple of years. The issue of immigration will continue to be important to the American public if nothing is done to publically and lawfully address the situation, therefore, Hillary Clinton 's proposal can at the least be a stepping stone towards an improved relationship between immigration and the government.

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