Essay on The Immigration Policy Of The United States

Essay on The Immigration Policy Of The United States

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There may not be a more politicized issue in America than illegal immigration. People from all over the world travel to the United States to better their lives for themselves and/or their families, whether that be through education or job opportunities. Unfortunately, legislators from all across the country have tried, and failed, to pass laws reforming the immigration policy of the United States. In recent years, President Obama has issued an Executive Order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, a bipartisan group of senators crafted an immigration reform package, and President Bush attempted to pass illegal immigration reform. All of the aforementioned attempts to address illegal immigration either ended up being voted down or are tied up in litigation. From the end of the Clinton presidency to present day, little substantial progress has been made to address illegal immigration in America. Every day that passes without reform increases the need for meaningful reform, but makes accomplishing reform more difficult. This paper will focus on the role that commonly held perceptions play in American’s views on illegal immigration and President Obama’s proposed amnesty solution.
The more the discussion abouting solving illegal immigration changes, the more it stays the same. In my research for this paper, I found that many of the ideas being presented as solutions have been discussed for years, some even for decades. However, this has not led to any substantial reform which is partly due to commonly accepted ideas about immigration. For example, the idea that illegal immigrants take “American” jobs was recognized as a fallacy in 2001, “Wages have not fallen perceptibly in gateway communities for immigration. These region...

... middle of paper ... government.
Additionally, providing amnesty to millions of immigrants runs the the risk of setting a standard and unintentionally encouraging more immigrants to come here illegally in hopes of one day receiving amnesty.The problem of illegal immigration in America is profound. Not only are legislators tasked with finding a solution that protects current citizens economically, but they also have to find a way to uphold a valued American tradition of being the land of opportunity.
This paper focuses on the fact that many of the proposed solutions, such as amnesty, have been around for decades but are often sidetracked by commonly held misconceptions. If America is to remain among the world 's superpowers, it must design a system that takes advantage of the positive economic effect immigrants can have while also protecting the country from plunging further into debt.

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