The Immigration Policy Of Mexicans And Mexican Americans Essay

The Immigration Policy Of Mexicans And Mexican Americans Essay

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With the recent presidential elections with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it has many people talking about the accusations that Trump said about Mexicans and other ethnic groups. Donald Trump mentions that he is going to build a wall and will deport all Mexicans because the only thing they bring is crime. This leads me to the fact that most of the Latinos are mostly against him since he is mentioning bad things about the Mexicans. One of the biggest things that Latinos and Mexican American look for in a president, is if that president will help with immigration. Many people who come to the United States illegally are really afraid to be deported back to their home country, since the United States provide a better life for them. The immigration policy plays a big scary role in the experience and the identity of Mexicans and Mexican American because the policies do not really benefit the immigrants from getting deported.
In order for an individual to pass from Mexico to the United States, usually they have to pass by a border line, in which the immigration police checks if the individual has papers or a citizenship. In cases, some individuals do not have papers or a citizenships, but they still try to pass to the United States illegally. Those individuals are called immigrants who try to manage to pass the immigration police. In order for individuals to get a U.S. citizenships, they have to pass by some requirements. They required for the individual to be born in the United States, have a certain age living at the United States, getting married to a U.S. citizen or pass the test to become a U.S. citizen. It is not easy to get a citizenship because if an immigrant wants to become a U.S. citizen, then they have to pass by all tho...

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...o capture the immigrants instead, it motivated them to keep deporting, since the immigrants were taking the citizens jobs.
Concluding with the fact that Mexican and Mexican American has no type of benefit from the immigration policy because most immigrants were sent back to their home countries. It was not and still is not easy for immigrants to live the American dream because many things prevent them to stay in the United States for a better future. Some immigrants do fight and struggle to pass to the United States, but they still in some point get deported back to their country. It might be because they get caught passing the border line or working without papers in companies. Which some of the consequences are that they get sent back to their countries or they were be put in jail. It is not easy for an immigrant to stay in the United States without their papers.

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