Immigration Policy: Challenging Its Myths Essay

Immigration Policy: Challenging Its Myths Essay

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Immigration Policy: Challenging Its Myths

America is a nation of immigrants. Yet, Americans have not always been happy with new immigrants. Benjamin Franklin worried that German immigrants would crowd out America’s British culture. In the 1840s, mostly Roman Catholic Irish immigrants provoked the first organized anti-foreign movement. At the turn of the century, new immigrants from Italy and Poland were seen too different to become Americans. These days, Latino and Asian immigrants are inflaming same fears and criticism.
Since Congress began placing restrictions on new immigration, controversies over immigration policy have never ceased for more than a century. Whatever the rhetoric surrounding immigration policy, the public debate comes down to whether new immigrants are eating away our pie or not. Immigration proponents argue that immigration shores up the American economy, while opponents charge new immigrants undermine our economic potential. The conflicting views at both ends of the spectrum are attributable to a myriad of myths on which the immigration policy is based.
As I examine the truth and myths about our immigration policy, I found two major differences between the rival assertions. First, their perspectives on immigration are totally different. Proponents view immigration from global, long-term, and multi-cultural perspective, while opponents focus more on local, short-term, and acculturation viewpoints. Second, most opponents misread the reality. Pro-immigration segments were more receptive to the changing trends, whereas, anti-immigration segments, especially politicians, were politically and emotionally driven. To forge a sound immigration policy, we should not base it on myths, but on a compelling ...

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