Immigration Policy And Its Effects On The United States Essay

Immigration Policy And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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There are many oppressive factors that exist in contemporary Canadian society that disadvantages and often alienates refugees. These oppressive factors exist in social, religious, cultural, political, and economic spheres within society. There are many political barriers that exist that oppress and limit the amount of refugees that can safely flee to Canada. An example of political and social barriers that inhibit the admission of refugees is increased border security. Border security has reached a point where it is too difficult for some refugees to safely flee a harmful environment, and this violates international law which outlines that each state has to respect an individual’s right to seek refuge in any nation. Implementing more restrictive border security measures has resulted in difficulties placed on refugees who want to seek safe refuge. An example would be that since the introduction of changes in immigration policy made it harder for refugees to come to Canada, the rate of refugees applying for asylum decreased immensely. Furthermore, the fact that border security has been increasing has been used as an oppressive tool by the media and certain members of society to label certain types of refugees as “bad refugees” and therefore impeding upon certain individual’s right to gain safe and non-discriminatory refuge. This has caused a decrease in refugees since 2009 (textbook). This impacts the practice of social work with refugees, because social workers cannot help refugees if they are discouraged from being admitted into Canada, and if the refugee does make it to Canada, political and social barriers exist from the very start that alienate refugees from the larger Canadian society. Furthermore, another political and social...

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... “burden”, and there are still examples of this mindset in current policies and practices of social work with refugees. Such as the fact that refugees face extreme barriers in accessing health and social services (voices article). This is due to many factors, including the individual and systematic discrimination refugees face that might deter them from wanting to receive help, as well as prejudicial behaviors by health and social service organizations (textbook). Furthermore, there are political barriers that exist that restrict a refugee from seeking asylum in Canada, and therefore restricts them from being able to access our social welfare and help from social workers. This shows that there are still restrictions in social services provision and national legislations regarding refugees, and oppression still exists in the practice of social welfare with refugees.

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