Immigration Policies Have A Hot Button Issue Essay

Immigration Policies Have A Hot Button Issue Essay

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Immigration policies have been a hot-button issue for many years now, especially regarding emigration from Mexico. Politicians have started up campaigns promising to effectively end illegal immigration, claiming that it is the source of the United States’ unstable economy. However, similar plans have been enacted in a particularly vulnerable period, with little to no success, indicating that repetition would be a huge blow to both the economy and United States citizens.
In the late 1920’s, there had been a growing number of Mexican immigrants. Similar to previous “waves”of people coming to the United States, the recent influx of Mexicans came with a stigma. Generally, American-born citizens would blame immigrants for corrupting American culture or bringing unwanted traditions to the country, but this time was different. In October of 1929, the stock market crashed, and the Mexican population was deliberately blamed for the state of the economy, especially through the media. The general misconception was that illegal Mexican immigrants were taking jobs from United States citizens. This was so widely believed that it caused nation-wide employment denial, raids, and eventually mass deportation-- not dissimilar to currently posed political “solutions”.
In 1930, the Los Angeles county had started up a deportation desk in response to the public outcries. However, since deportation was an exclusively federal authority, the county renamed it a ‘repatriation program’. The repatriation programs could not possess the authority to send citizens or illegal immigrants anywhere, but could essentially manipulate people into leaving the United States through tactics like.... This was the difference between deportation and repatriation. The usual ...

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... into Trump’s policy on illegal immigration. Mr. Torres states, “[The Mexican Repatriation] was a sorrowful step that this country took. It was a mistake. And for Trump to suggest that we should do it again is ludicrous, stupid and incomprehensible.”
The repatriation was a massive economic misstep, a promoter of discrimination, and a blatant act of ignorance. The failure of the repatriation, along with the success of the Bracero program, is a good indication that a repeat of the Repatriation is ill-advised. Front-running politicians, such as Donald Trump, claim that Repatriation-like policies will fix the economy, but these claims have no backing, while the argument against such policies has a plethora of historical evidence behind it. It is abundantly clear that campaigns posing already failed policies as a solution may leave the country with horrific consequences.

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