The Immigration Of The Mexican Immigrants Essay

The Immigration Of The Mexican Immigrants Essay

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Most people say that migration of Mexicans to America is a big problem in our country. They say that every immigrant is bad and all they bring to America is drugs. Well that is not true because immigrants actually help this great country. Today we are going to focus on Mexican immigrants. We will talk about different views that people have on it. We will talk about what an immigrant really is. Also define how people think immigration is a problem, causes of why people migrate from one country to another, consequences, and ways we can deal with immigration.

Its people like Donald Trump that try to give them a bad rep just because they need someone to blame and that seems like an easy target. Immigrants are made to look like they come into America and take Americans jobs. I have always said that if an immigrant who doesn’t speak English comes and seals a job from you it was never really your job. Immigrants come to America to have a better life but most of them get low wages and no benefits but to them it doesn’t matter because it still beats the money they were making in Mexico and the conditions they live in America are better.

What is an immigrant? According to an immigrant is a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave so people really want to come live here, but why? Is it because they are running from war or just to seek a better life for their families. The answer is that it’s both of them. In it explains to us that there are incredibly high crime rates in Mexico, especially in the capital. Homicide rates come in at around 10-14 per 100,000 people. So why would anyone want to live in that kind of violence w...

... middle of paper ... a lot easier then actually going out and getting a job. Most Americans have “pride” and don’t want to do the jobs that illegal immigrants are willing to do. In reality we should be trying to help these immigrants become citizens because as we have already talked about they do benefit our country. Yes every tree has a few bad apples and we should get rid of people with felonies or anything that does not benefit our country, but a man working 10 hours a day to benefit our country should not get deported. Trumps idea doesn’t seem to benefit anyone but himself. He doesn’t care about anyone and I feel like he isn’t trying to make America great again but instead he is trying to make America white again. To that I say Mr. Trump if you want Mexicans to go back to where they came from then you should do the same because Native Americans lived here before anyone else did.

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