Immigration Law : Illegal Immigrant Families Essay

Immigration Law : Illegal Immigrant Families Essay

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Shortly after the tough immigration law was passed, enough Mexican immigrants
couldn’t be found to work the fields. Rob Knorr in Arizona couldn’t find workers to pick
his jalapeno Peppers in the field which greatly reduced his revenue and became costly.
Over the years Rob Knorr in Arizona, has used the illegal immigrant families to
harvest his jalapeno in the field. Soon after the tough law on immigration was
implemented, Mr. Rob Knorr soon came to reality that he would have to invest about $2
million towards a machine that will remove pepper stems. It was not only Rob Knorr that
became aware that even if these Mexicans are here in the US illegally, they greatly
contribute to the economics of the state and the country. Many small businesses that can
only afford to pay minimum wages employ these immigrants to cut cost and insurance
Even the opposing economists that were in agreement of the deportation also
acknowledged that the economic took a hit when large left for Mexico and other
countries. According to Bob Davis, a senior editor for the for “The Wall Street Journal

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