Immigration Issue Of Illegal Immigrants Essay

Immigration Issue Of Illegal Immigrants Essay

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The United States government has always had immigration issues. Medicaid expenses for illegal immigrants cost taxpayers millions of dollars each and every year. Welfare benefits also create the same issues that Medicaid does for taxpayers in the United States. Policies need to be changed so that the birth of children in the United States to illegal immigrants can be stopped. The United States needs to take a deeper look into amnesty and ask themselves if this is truly the right answer for the illegal immigration problem at this time. The bottom line is that illegal immigration costs the United States government too much money; therefore, immigration policies must be changed.
One of the biggest and most expensive issues with illegal immigration is the cost of Medicaid for American taxpayers because of illegal immigrants. Many people wonder what Medicaid is; “Medicaid is a means-tested social welfare program that provides health insurance to certain categories of poor people” (Gusmano). Much of the money that is spent on Medicaid could go to other government problems; “The United States government has previously estimated that taxpayer-provided health care for uninsured illegal immigrants costs $4.3 billion annually” (Edwards). There is approximately 61 billion dollars spent on Medicaid in the U.S. every year; $4.3 billion is just Medicaid on illegal immigrants. This does not include all of the other welfare benefits that illegal immigrants use. Medicaid is the first of many issues that is involved with illegal immigration.
Healthcare issues within Medicaid have also been a very sensitive subject among U.S. citizens toward illegal immigrants. The United States government has a law that allows no hospital turn downs; “Under the law, ...

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...issues. A change needs to be made in the immigration policies that are currently adapted in the United States. Immigration issues are not a problem that can be solved in a day’s time, so the government has to start taking action now. When our immigration policies are changed to stricter, more formidable policies, the United States government will start to save money on illegal immigration and not spend so much money on a pointless cause. To be exact, the government spends $113 billion on illegal aliens a year; “Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at federal, state and local levels. The bulk of the costs – some $84 billion – are absorbed by state and local governments” (Fiscal). The last statistic says plenty too Americans across the nation about the impact that illegal immigrants have on the United States and the United States citizens.

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