Immigration Is The Movement Of People Into A New Country Essay

Immigration Is The Movement Of People Into A New Country Essay

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Immigration is the movement of people into a new country. Immigration impacts the host-country, the country receiving immigrants, by changing the pre-existing culture of the host-country. Immigrants change the pre-existing culture by carrying their religious beliefs and ethnic traditions across borders, from the mother country to the host-country. In this way, immigrants add to the diversity of culture in the host-country. Over time these new ideologies and lifestyles can create a multicultural community filled with many different ethnicities. The ethnic diversity of a multicultural community can cause infighting as cultures clash with other cultures (Bloemraad, Korteweg and Yurdakul). On the other hand immigrants can adopt the culture of the host-country, giving up their ethnic traditions and assimilating into the host-country culture (Beans and Stevens). Since assimilation a practical strategy for achieving goals in a new country, assimilation is typically associated with economic accomplishment for immigrants. Meanwhile multiculturalism that encourages immigrants to hold on to the traditions and ideologies of their motherland is viewed as impractical and associated with negative outcomes (Beans and Stevens). Both assimilation and multiculturalism occur in America today and are balanced by the rate at which immigrants adopt the host-county’s culture and the rate at which new immigrants enter the host-country. It is important to note that studies on immigration may be flawed due to the unknown number and impact of undocumented immigrants.
Nations accept immigrants formally by giving them citizenship. Citizenship defines who is a member of a nation. It creates a system of inclusion and exclusion (Bloemraad, Korteweg and Yurdakul...

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...mmunity, which would in turn decrease national political productivity (Koopmans). Koopmans also argues that multiculturalism allows and strengthens extremist ideas which also weakens the sense of nationhood. However Fischer and Mattson argue that America is less threatened by the fragmentation of nationhood by immigration today than the threat of other issues. For example, America is not currently on the verge of civil war over the issue of slavery. In the past, America was also violently divided by the debate over prohibition, feminism and civil rights. Currently America is divided by a growing gap in social class and the attainment of education rather than culture clashes between the culture of the host-country and the culture introduced by immigrants (Fischer and Mattson). Therefore multiculturalism in America does not have a significantly dangerous consequences.

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