Immigration Is A Nation Of Immigrants

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Since the beginning, America has always been a nation of immigrants, but many times the very same America seems to forget. As of today there are millions of immigrants who are looked down upon by American-born citizens who were freed by their immigrants ancestors generations ago. Today in the year of 2016 immigration is a burning topic in American politics and in regular discussions around the country. Many allege that Immigration has and continues to ruin America others disagree. Most of the time the people who are against immigration are the ones who only know the single stories about immigrants or simply aren 't educated enough on the topic. Unfortunately out of these single stories believed about immigrants and immigration as a whole stereotypes start to develop and start taking over people 's perspectives and believes. Now many Americans believe the stereotypes about immigration and think that immigrants do not help America and instead contribute more harm. Not only that, but negative energy starts to rise and many times that negative energy is taken into further action causing immigrants to suffer from it. While some Americans believe that immigrants drain the economy, take away jobs from American-born citizens and do not assimilate, the reality turns to be completely different. Some people believe the stereotype that immigration drains the American economy and it 's completely untrue and naturally quite the opposite. This particular stereotype is the most dangerous towards immigrants because it creates the idea that immigrants only come here and destroy the economy that is already suffering by itself. The reality though is different research shows that immigrants contribute around ten billion dollars annually to the Social... ... middle of paper ... ... My oldest brother doesn’t speak perfect English, but he tries to make an effort to fit in and assimilate because he likes the culture and the excitement it brings. This shows us that even if our English is not perfect immigrant do assimilate and appreciate their new culture and home. In conclusion, writing this paper inspired me to take a step back and analyze my family and see how different we are now that we are part of the United States. I realized that when we get together the major language spoken is English and not Spanish and I am still figuring out how to feel about it. Writing this paper also made me realize how many smart, innovated and hardworking family members I have brings me a lot of pride to know that I have a good family. Also, through this paper I got to educate myself on several topics that people think are real but in reality there not.
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