Immigration Has Changed North American Society Essay

Immigration Has Changed North American Society Essay

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Throughout many decades, immigration has introduced a countless number of sports to the North American society. Without immigration, everyone would be the same, with less diversity. Immigration has not only brought new sports to North America, but has introduced new cultures, and techniques as well as greatly benefitting the economy. It has been proven that immigration has positively impacted North American sports society.
Immigration has allowed for the diversity and development of many different sports. It has allowed for cultural diversity and techniques to be shared. Immigration has enabled Sports such as hockey and lacrosse which were not commonly known outside of North America, to be known ‘back home’. Some of the best hockey players in the world came from other parts of the world, and without the knowledge of the sport being expressed by immigrants, the professionals would not have been able to show their true talents. The idea also goes the other way around. Many sports previously unknown in North America, such as soccer, golf, cricket, horse racing, curling and many others were brought into North America. through immigration. During the time period of the Seven Year War, an influx of people from Britain moved to Canada, bringing with them new sports as well as the idea of social gatherings and clubs to the North American society (The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2010). The clubs allowed each sport to have their own ‘groups’ in the mix of all the sports. Therefore the results of immigration have impacted the number of sports played to this day in North America
Cultural diversity has become a great way for each individual to bond and grow as a team. There can be many positives and few negatives in the idea of cultures combining...

... middle of paper ...

...hance to get scouted as valuable assets. None of that would be possible and beneficial without the immigration and growth of cultural diversity in the world.
In conclusion, the sporting society has proven the benefits of immigration in North America. Immigration has not only affected the economy, but in the way sports in North America are being played, presented, and observed. People view sports and immigrants more open mindedly than they did in the past because there is so much to be learned from each other. I believe that immigration and cultural diversity are essential to success in this world. Moving forward with ideas and techniques which would probably never have been thought about if immigration had not had so much influence in the world of sport in North America. Immigration has not only impacted the sports society, it has impacted North America as a whole.

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