Immigration Discrimination Of The United States

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Immigration discrimination is a serious topic, that singles out a person on their legal status. The people within the United States, tend to throw all the blame towards the different races that come illegally to our nation. The citizens do not understand the struggles that comes with being undocumented and tend to discriminate them for not being like them. We as a society need to better educate ourselves when it comes to immigrants and stop with giving them the cold shoulder, and trying to isolate them out from us. Immigration discrimination is the process of ridiculing immigrants for being undocumented and showing a sign of disgust towards them. For example, “Citizens see these unauthorized immigrants as a hindrance to society and claim they are hurting our economy, school systems, and communities.”(Larson 1). Shows a prime example as to how we as a society tend to look at immigrants, as only people who come to create havoc to our “perfect” communities. It’s also demonstrating, that we always turn to them to blame all of the mishaps that happen in our civilization. As stated by Eaton-Robb,"We, as taxpayers do not want to be educating people from other countries. They don 't belong in America and we don 't need to be funding their education."(Eaton-Robb 11). Gives more evidence as to how we discriminate them, treating them as they are lesser than us, when in reality they are just regular people like the rest of us. Making it necessary to have a change on the outlook we have on these people who might be different, but are just like us. The way we personally perceive theses people, is the biggest problem we face and needs to change immediately. We are creating unnecessary stress and mental health issues to the youth of the undocu... ... middle of paper ... ... paradise between the two. All in all, immigration discrimination is a serious problem that should be looked upon more to forge a better society between the two worlds. If managed to be solved and fixed, it would make it possible to lift the stress off and lower the depression rate symptoms for the youth of the undocumented. Looking more into the situation and looking at the immigrants like they are ordinary human beings just like us, makes it easier for them to feel accepted and not like they are scum on the bottom of our shoes. Opening your eyes to see beyond of what they are perceived to be in the media’s eye, better helps you understand that they are normal people. That they are not the dangerous people we constantly hear over and over again. In conclusion, immigration discrimination is a problem that should be solved, because it unites us more as a civilization.

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