The Immigration Detention Center Of Mexico Essay

The Immigration Detention Center Of Mexico Essay

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a. Total institution / Page 84: a place that is almost totally controlled by those who run it, in which people are cut off from the rest of society and the society is mostly cut off from them. The most concrete example of total institution in “Wetback” would be the immigration detention center in Mexico. Controlled by the Mexican government, the immigrants are gathered up and in a warehouse. We learn that when the two men arrived in the warehouse they were treated inhumanely. They were interrogated, beaten, robbed, and possibly even raped. This could be an example of a degradation ceremony, a term coined by Harold Garfinkel to refer to a ritual whose goal is to remake someone’s self by stripping away that individual’s self-identity and stamping a new identity in its place. 

b. Vigilantism – Page 219: people taking the law into their own hands. The state in Mexico has failed at all levels, from the local to the national. Citizens live in fear since the bad guys, in this case the drug lords, have gained much control. They have infiltrated the police, from the local cops to the federales. Even the head of Mexico’s national drug enforcement agency was on the drug lords’ payroll. In the interviews with the people detained in the immigrant detention center, each describes being violated in one way or another. The Mexican police asks each one for money and if they did not produce any they were searched and / or beaten. These officials are on the payroll of the drug lords. 
c. Material Culture / Page 34: the material objects that distinguish a group of 3ople, such as their art, buildings, weapons, utensils, machines, hairstyles, clothing, and jewelry. Several examples of material culture in the first part of the documentary. Ma...

... middle of paper ...

...menting what happens, what method of research could we say the Filmmaker Arturo Perez Torres was using?
a. Experiments
b. Unobtrusive Measures
c. Questionnaire’s
d. Participant Observation

Answer: d. Participant Observation / Page 132: research in which the researcher participates in a research setting while observing what is happening in that setting.

4. We learn that one initiation ritual used by gangs is raping a prospective member in front of the rest of the gang. This can be an example of Harold Garfinkels coined term _________.

a. Techniques of neutralization
b. Degradation Ceremony
c. Potentiometer
d. Differential Association

Answer: b. Degradation Ceremony / Page 200: y a term coined by Harold Garfinkel to refer to a ritual whose goal is to remake someone’s self by stripping away that individual’s self-identity and stamping a new identity in its place.

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