Essay about Immigration Debate On Undocumented Immigrants

Essay about Immigration Debate On Undocumented Immigrants

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The last two quarters have been extremely vital to changing my views of undocumented immigrants, especially undocumented students. I never particularly cared to think about their experiences beyond the fact that they are economically disadvantaged. The two quarters I have spent taking the Immigrant Rights, Labor and Higher Education course have taught me aboutvarious socioeconomicdisadvantagesundocumented immigrants face along with the anxieties that come with being the possibility of being separated from family members, deportations, the intersectionality of different identities interacting with their status. Overall, this class has taught me to humanize my understanding of the immigration debate.
Through this experience, I have learned a lot about my beliefs. I realized that I am much more progressive than I thought.This stems from my ability to now see undocumented people as parents, children, refuges and survivors. I have become more compassionate and understanding about people’s status. I have also learned to acknowledge and overcome my biases regarding immigration policy in the United States. I always understood that Hispanics arenot the only undocumented immigrants because I know many undocumented Africans. However, I have also learned that certain communities of color, particularly African and Asian communities, have certain advantages. Because the immigration has been racialized to focus on immigrants from Latin America, and to some extent Middle Eastern immigrants because of our War on Terror, African and Asian immigrants often benefit from being excluded from the archetype definition of undocumented immigrants. This means that we are often ignored and left out of the conversations of hateful individual...

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...oo much directly from my group. This is partially because my group will do most of its hands-on work next quarter. My ability to work in a small group and cooperate slightly improved.
Although I did not gain mainly skills this quarter, I feel confident that it will be different next quarter as we pick things up with actually designing the museum. I hope to improve and learn new skills about designand presentation. I also hope to become more creative and improve my writing through the writing and editing of the plaques and captions that will be on display. I am extremely excited about the work we will be doing next quarter and the skills I will acquire. Not only will they help me be a useful design and planning team member, but they will also be useful in other aspects of my life where creativity, organization, presentation and project management will be necessary.

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