Immigration Control : A Country 's Flawed Immigration Policy And Implement A New Guest Worker Program

Immigration Control : A Country 's Flawed Immigration Policy And Implement A New Guest Worker Program

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Immigration Control
What changes are there to make to this country’s flawed immigration policy to fix it? Immigration control is a growing problem in the United States. Illegal immigrants are coming into this country and taking advantage of Americans’ jobs without becoming a citizen first. The U.S. needs to reinforce its border security and implement a new guest worker program. If the government does not do this America could become overpopulated and the amount of jobs would decrease even more. On the other hand, telling the immigrants to leave, instead of trying to work with them, could make America seem hateful and unwelcoming to new people entering the country. The government does not want to come off as unwelcoming so that they can keep up their reputation around the world. The current laws and policies regarding the immigration policy are extremely flawed and need to be changed.
One flaw is that the immigration policy does not work well when illegal immigrants are allowed to stay here if they have already been living here. Allowing them to stay just based on the fact that they have already been living here does not fix problem that they are not here legally. Illegal immigrants need to first become citizens before they are allowed to live here or work here. According to Dr. Tracy Miller, “The executive order issued by President Obama, grants undocumented immigrants the legal right to remain in the United States if they have been here five years and are parents, children, or related in anyway to citizens.” This order is taking away the work to become a citizen and just saying all an illegal immigrant needs to stay in America legally is to be related to someone who has been there five years or find a way to remain here undisco...

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The government 's policies on illegal immigration reform that are in place today are terribly flawed and need to be reformed in order to control the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. Immigration issues such as the executive order stating illegals can stay here if they have been here five years or more by having a work permit is not stopping the flow or the problem. The United States current security regarding the border is not strong enough and needs to be fixed because illegal immigrants are still getting through. Establishing a new guest worker program would solve the problem of filling jobs americans do not want to work. The U.S. needs to reform immigration in order to make america great again. This is important because its the peoples’ country they should care about how the government handles immigration the power is in the hands of the people.

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