Immigration And The Canadian Immigration Policy Essay

Immigration And The Canadian Immigration Policy Essay

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Immigration has played a large role in Canada’s history, and essentially has crafted the Canadian identity. Each time Canada’s immigration policy changed so did the flow and contextual backdrop of immigrants and thus the uniqueness of Canada (Passaris, 1998). Canadian immigration and essentially immigration policy is a multifaceted composition of an interrelated “set of guidelines, regulations and actions by government agents” (Green & Green, 2004). The economic forces of immigration have played a large role in influencing Canadian immigration policies over Canada’s large and vast immigration history and three major intentions are emphasized. Firstly, immigration was seen as a tool to increase Canada’s population faster than the rate that would be produced through natural growths which was necessary to maintain the population, immigration was a principal means to increase and enhance the pure quantity and/or quality of the national labour market if and when it was needed, and immigration was seen as useful and powerful tool to ensure the advancement of economic growth and development within the country (Passaris, 1998). Canadian immigration policy has undergone significant change over time; the development of Canada’s immigration policy from Confederation to 1967 could be described as a “series of pragmatic reactions to relatively short-term interests and pressures” with the power to facilitate the influx of immigrants when needed, a feature labelled as Canada’s ‘absorptive capacity’ (Kalbach, 1999). Although changes were made to adhere to the economic conditions of the time, the underlying feature of Canadian immigration policy upheld the idea that Canada should be Anglo-Saxon in its composition and retain its alignment with Brit...

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... next 20 years (Statistics Canada, 2016). The aging population also has an effect on the ratio of working age Canadians to seniors, which is contracting and thus contributes to a “shrunken tax base and acute labour shortages” running the risk of having a million vacant occupations within the next decade (Jedwab, 2016). Through the development of Canadian immigration policy a system of establishing immigration based on skill in required workforces was established. More recently immigration has established a means of reducing adjustment expenses by transferring into emerging markets and divisions (Green, 2004). Throughout history it is seen that Canada has relied on and will need to continue to rely on immigration as a means to retain sustainable population growth and development and therefore Canada should seek a sustainable way to increase annual immigration intake.

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