Essay on Immigration, An Issue of Concern to America

Essay on Immigration, An Issue of Concern to America

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Immigration has become an issue of concern to America over the past few years. So many debates on the issue are going on. The main focus of these debates however has been to resolve the rising levels of prohibited immigration as well as improving the conditions of authorized immigrants. Economic standards in a country clearly indicate levels of immigration. Analyzing various economic factors would help create a reliable framework for tackling debates on immigration in the United States.
People of a nation could be forced out of their native land because of conflict, escape from persecution due to crimes or voluntarily based on personal desires and objectives. On the other hand, people could migrate to a more developed country in search of greener pastures so as to better their living. Many developing countries are currently facing devastating economic challenges resulting from the revolutionized framework of globalization and many other unfavorable policies and regulations. Such problems trigger frustration and pressure on citizens forcing them to flee to other countries with better economic standards so as to meet their needs comfortably. An important step a country should undertake to minimize migration levels is to tackle poverty and development issues.
Consequences of Immigration
The concept of immigration greatly impacts on the economic situation of the host country as well as the master country. The host country is always a developed nation like United States which has extensive economic advancements. Immigrants coming into such a country bring incredible benefits like;
Performance of jobs that cannot be done by citizens of the host country
Ability to withstand longer working hours and low wages.
Bringing about diversity of ...

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...lude, this issue of immigration is very daunting and immediate measures as discussed above should be addressed and the relevant authorities stand out and provide a solution.

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