Immigration Across The United States Essay

Immigration Across The United States Essay

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Immigration has been around since the founding of our country. Everyone who isn’t pure native american has immigrants in their lineage. Our entire country is based on immigration and it has shaped our country into what it is today. Going deep into the memory banks I recall from grade school, America being known as “The Melting Pot” due to our diverse cultural background from areas around the world. Immigration has been a hot button issue for politicians for many decades and at the center of their fight for more votes. The problem isn’t with immigration itself, but illegal immigration. According to Danielle Renwick and Brianna Lee in an article for the Council on Foreign Relations, “there are more than forty-one million immigrants living in the United States”. Included in those forty one million are approximately 11.2 million that are in this country illegally. Through immigration policy the United States has allotted a certain number of immigrants to enter our country through a proper legal process every year. The problem occurs when undocumented people enter our country illegally. Many of them do this to escape the oppressive conditions and dangers of their very own country. The illegal immigration causes many issues within our country. The illegal immigrants are placing extra demand on our resources such as schooling for their children, welfare, medical costs, and many others. On one side of the argument, some believe that they all need to be deported and sent back to their original countries. Another view is that we grant them all citizenship without any pathway to attain it. I don’t believe either of these choices are the best way to handle the situation. I am in the middle of the road with my stance and I believe that we nee...

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...n the information I have in front of me this is the best plan I could come up with. If there is a better way I am definitely interested in listening to it.
In conclusion, I believe we can all agree on this country needs to seriously reform its immigration policy regardless of where you stand on this issue. I hope you realize that deportation along with granting full citizenship are not the best answer. The best way to go about this as I have already stated would be to develop a pathway to citizenship along with securing our borders as best as we can. I believe I have listed the best possible way to start dealing with this problem that we have been arguing about for decades. The key word in the previous sentence is start. This will be a fluid situation that changes for many, many years to come. This would no doubt be the beginning of a new era for immigration reform.

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