Immigrants Were First Welcomed Of The Late 1700s Essay

Immigrants Were First Welcomed Of The Late 1700s Essay

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Immigrants were first welcomed in the late 1700s. European explorers like Walter Raleigh, Lord Baltimore, Roger William, William Penn, Francis Drake, John Smith, and others explored to the New World for religious purposes and industrial growth. The first European settlers that settled in the late 1700s were the Pilgrims. After the Pilgrims first settled in Virginia, the expansion of immigrants started. Then in 1860 to 1915, America was growing with its industries, technology, and education. America’s growing empire attracted many people from Europe. The factors that attracted many people to the American cities where job opportunities with higher income, better education, and factory production growth. As the population grew in the American cities, the U.S. nation was known for their big cities. American cities increased in size and soon became a diversity of different ethnicity and religions.The characteristics of the migrants that moved to the big cities were usually people who were poor with families who were from the eastern and western of Europe. Hundreds and Thousands of immigrants settled where jobs were located. Since the Immigrants came to the United States without knowing English and having different cultures, it was difficult for them to fit into the American culture. Furthermore, Immigrants still maintained their customs, food, and language. Social tension grew between the American citizens and the immigrants because they were considered different. A lot of American citizens were afraid that the new immigrants would not become part of the American society. Also, the American citizens did not like the immigrants because they took their jobs. For that reason, many large nativist groups emerged like the Ku Klux Klan, the ...

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... KKK group violently tried to limit the growth of Immigrants. In the success of nativist groups, article called “History Lesson 2: History Of Immigration From the 1890s to the Present” by Constitutional Rights Foundation says:
It limited the total number of immigrants to 164,000 each year. It also fixed quotas on immigration from each country, basing the quota on the percentage of people from that country who lived in the United States in 1890. Since the population in 1890 was overwhelmingly from Northern Europe, the law favored immigration from Northern Europe and discouraged immigration from other countries. Immigration dropped dramatically. (Web, par. 6)
Overall, Immigration did decrease, but soon increased in size after 1940. Immigrants have had a large influence in the United States. Until this day, the United States is still considered the most diverse nation.

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