Immigrants : The New Way Of Living Essay

Immigrants : The New Way Of Living Essay

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Canada, being recognized as one of the best destinations for immigrants, has been and will be attracting more residents through immigration. Meanwhile, with its accelerated development, an increasing number of Chinese residents decide to move to Canada to experience a completely new way of living. Along with these immigrants are the dependent children that are bought Canada by their parents. New immigrants face challenges from all aspects, such as English being the new language, different culture and traditions, and an unfamiliar way of living (Pottie et al., 2008). To help immigrants through this difficult transition period, the government offers free English lessons to adult immigrants and many communities and organizations offer help with administrative tasks such as applying for health care and registering in local clubs and community centre. From the tremendous amount of effort by different organizations and sectors, it is easy to see how difficult it is to face the impact for adult new comers can be.
Such drastic change, some referred to as “ culture shock”, does not necessary only apply to adults, but also dependent children. Just as an adult immigrant, a child faces similar problems in his new life in this brand new environment. The challenges arise not only because of these difficulties through transition but also because these issue have a great impact on the child’s growth in terms of living style, education system and socialization. In this article, a detailed discussion will be given regarding the challenges and difficulties a typical immigrant child will face when he moves from China to Canada.
Living style
When first arrived, immigrant children are usually confined in a familiar environment such as home since...

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...sture put new immigrants into a inconvenient scenario, which obstructs immigrant children’s socialization opportunities with local residents.
Another concept of socialization that is new to Chinese immigrant children is the idea of individuality (Chuang and Gielen, 2009). In China, young children are regarded as a group that requires special care from the society. In return, young children do not share as many right and respect as adults. In Canada, despite the age, children have to take up their own responsibility and they are treated equally as adults because Canadian society treats every resident as one individual that shares identical right and obligation under the law. It takes a good amount of effort and time for immigrant children to realize how to take responsibility and defend their rights. It is also a great challenge to become more and more independent.

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