Immigrants Should Be Legal And Illegal Immigrants Essay

Immigrants Should Be Legal And Illegal Immigrants Essay

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In 2015, there are 42 million immigrants living in the United States, which is around 13 percent of the population. With the state of California, occupying by about 10 million immigrants due to their title of “most immigrant-friendly” state according to the Nation Journal. (Alexia Fernandez Campell) According to the author of this article, California granted the title because California provide government assistances to both legal and illegal immigrants. These 13 percent excludes the illegal immigrants, whose names are not documented. Even though the United States has the largest population of immigrants, it does not offer the best living condition for immigrants. There are injustice cases happening daily against immigrants. Immigrants are deserved to be treated equally and discriminations against immigrants are not tolerated; as to any forms of mistreatment, under-representation, and violence should be revealed to the public and gain justice in society. Despite these injustice conditions immigrants live under daily, their children suffer from the same amount of stress and, sometimes even more. The horrifying reality of immigrants’ daily life is needed to reveal to the world.
Ellis Island is the first door where immigrants entered to become an American citizen. There are also other ports for immigrants to enter the United States, but Ellis Island is the most famous one. 15-years-old Annie Moore is the first girl to enter the United States through Ellis Island in 1892. Following Annie, there were around 12 million immigrants enter the United States through Ellis Island. ( Entering through Ellis Island has an enormous meaning for immigrants. It is because Ellis Island has a famous statue, Statue of Liberty. It ha...

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...oy the rest of their lives, but life does not allow them to do so. With lack of English communication skills and friend circle, they do not know where to ask and who to ask for help. They are hopeless retired immigrant workers. They are retired immigrant workers, yet they need a part-time job in order to improve living conditions. One of the elderly immigrates, she depends her life on collection soda cans and sell them for 5 cents each. (Semple) Because the lack Social Security Benefits, retired immigrant workers cannot enjoy their retirement, instead they are force to keep on working. Of course elderly immigrants did not move to the United States to live under these conditions, but they are not receiving proper help from the government. With limited amount of English, elderly immigrants cannot apply for more assistance because the application process is in English.

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