The Immigrants And Minority Groups Essay

The Immigrants And Minority Groups Essay

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When a migrant first moves to a new country, they often encounter many challenges. Social inclusion is one of them. Migrants and minority groups are often faced with the challenge of being an outlier in what the identity of the country is. For example Australian’s are most commonly known for being of Caucasian descent, Japanese people are known for being of Asian descent. This is the first challenge a migrant faces when moving to a new country. Often they do not represent what known as the ‘national identity’ of the country. This stereotyping does exclude them from majority.
However migrants and minority ethnic groups begin to feel a sense of inclusion as they assimilate into the new country. The time taken to assimilate into the new country depends on many factors. One of which is the acceptance of the new minority by the majority. As the majority make up the larger amount of the population their approval is key in allowing for social inclusion. In Australia different minority groups have been treated differently depending on the opinion of the majority. The ‘national pride’ or ‘national identity’ can create stigma towards the minority group. This directly effects the minority group’s sense of inclusion. If a minority group displays the ‘national identity’ it is quite easy for them to assimilate into the society. However, if they do not then they having a harder and lengthier time assimilating into the new country.
Rewind back to early 20th century, the idea of multiculturalism was met with stigma. History is riddled with incumbent racism within country’s own borders. An example of this was the oppression of African-Americans in the United States. Early 20th century were some of the most difficult times for African-America...

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...lia’s inclusion of minority groups is somewhat limited when talking about Native/Aboriginal Australians. Aboriginals have been oppressed ever since ‘White’ Australians settled in Australia. Aboriginals were oppressed up until the end of the ‘Stolen Generation’. The Stolen Generation occurred during a time when Australia tried to breed out the native population, forcing half cast children away from their parents to be educated in ‘White Edict’. However post stolen generation government policy has attempted to include more Native Australians within the main populace. Social welfare system have a stronger benefit for Native Australians. Centrelink offers more dynamic social services, the Hex system offers a bonus points scheme to help Native Australians into university etc. These system are people more Native Australians feel a sense of inclusion.

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