Immigartion, Incarceration and Deportation Essay

Immigartion, Incarceration and Deportation Essay

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I choose to research about immigration and incarceration and deportation because I believe there is a lot of racism with minorities specifically with Hispanics in the United States. This topic got my attention because immigration is an endless and controversial topic in the democracy system of this country. The capitalistic system in politics is very racism with minorities. This is a very touchy subject that millions of people is affected on a daily basis. Every state has different laws and in every state people experiences some type of discrimination. I believe no body would like to experience this kind of discrimination because the system is breaking apart families, there are millions of people that have died in the borders of Mexico and the United States. The congress and the states continue implementing harsh laws to the targets that seem to be Hispanics.
As we know there is a lot of inequality when legislators implement new laws, the most affected are undocumented, who are people from the hard working class, they have been treated unfair by the criminal justice system because politicians are always setting up rules and regulations and for not reason they are removing millions of people out of their job to deport them. These people have not committed any kind of crime the only reason the criminal justice system hand cuff them and put them in jail is because they enter this country illegally. Most of the people once they are in the Immigration Customs Enforcement department they are not allow to have visitors, they transfer undocumented to other states like Arizona and Texas among other Immigration departments to deport them. Most of the time undocumented people get deported because they cannot afford to pay...

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