Essay about The Immense Value of Coral Reefs and the Threat it is Currently Facing

Essay about The Immense Value of Coral Reefs and the Threat it is Currently Facing

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Most people like to travel to different parts of the world for a vacation. Being at beautiful beaches under the hot sun and relaxing sounds like a perfect vacation, does not it? Tourists usually enjoy the clear, blue ocean with fishes and different under water living organisms visible. These picture perfect vacations would not last if people were not being cautious of their everyday acts. The ocean consists of plentiful colorful coral reefs. Some coral reefs today are endangered and it needs to be taking care of for their sake and ours. Protecting and guarding these endangered coral reefs will provide the whole world with long lasting benefits.
There are many benefits that coral reefs provide. Reefs support extraordinary biodiversity and are home to a multitude of different types of fish, invertebrates and sea animals. Healthy coral reefs provide habitat, income, food, protection and medicine. “There are strong mutual dependencies between the reef-building corals and reef-inhabiting fishes, with many fish species depending on corals for food and habitat, while corals depend on the grazing by certain fishes for reproductive success.” (2) They supply the benefit and necessity of food to many people. Since many people rely on fish for food, limiting stress on them is important. “Protected areas…benefits…to improved food security for people who rely on the ocean for their daily sustenance and livelihoods.” (3) When coral reefs are interacted with multiple stressors, it is hard for the reefs to restore their original state.
In developing countries, most are dependent to some extent on coral reefs for food and livelihood. “Over half (55%) of the 49 islands countries considered are exploiting their coral reef fisheries in an unsustain...

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... will decline ocean acidification and oxygen levels.
If humans do not start taking actions, who will? While the coral reef ecosystems, the human population also suffers. The economy will deteriorate; people will have less food, decline in fishing jobs, and a decline in tourism. People do not want to see bleached coral reefs while scuba diving. They would want to see coral reefs to be colorful and alive. Society must incorporate their daily actions to help coral reefs from declining. Each and everyone should help out each other to spread the word about coral reefs. Changing our lifestyles a little bit would not be burden; it is for the better for the entire world. It may be difficult for others, but in the long run helping coral reefs ecosystems will help maintain their structure and healthy lifestyle will benefit us for also having a healthy and fresh lifestyle.

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