Immanuel Kant: A Philosopher Who Influenced Society Essay

Immanuel Kant: A Philosopher Who Influenced Society Essay

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One of the philosophers that impact society is Immanuel Kant; he was a philosopher in the 18th century. Immanuel Kant was born in April 22, 1724 in Kingdom of Prussia, German and died on February 12, 1804 at age 79. Philosopher Immanuel Kant composed different point of views to courage that we understand the world better. Kant is trying to tell us that there are many things that evolve around this world and that every little single element that we do makes the world what it is.
Kant is well known for his work in the philosophy of ethics and metaphysics; also, he made an important astronomical discovery on the nature of Earth's rotation. Kant exceeded both values of his time, Rationalism and Empiricism. We believe his work did a detail change philosophy eternally. He spent his academic career focusing on philosophy, mathematics and physics. Kant’s was known generally, however, for his decent code The Categorical Imperative. Also, Immanuel Kant was a fanatic of Deontology, or duty ethics. This means that for an act to be good it must be performed out of duty. If you are concerned for the end product of your actions it is not a moral act. Immanuel Kant strongly believed in the deontological moral theories. His theories about the deontological morals are considered for numerous different reasons. For example, Kant first argued that to act with morally one should know how to act and it is understood that not only one should know how to act, but as humans that is our obligation. We need to have good intentions toward others. Second, he argued about the consequences that leads us for our actions; the choices that we decide to take, to his point of view that was not the case, to his perspective is the intentions what makes our ...

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... that Kant makes a great point of view. I agree that for the human race to be considered enlightened we will need to avoid the natural urge to want to not feel alienated. Humans are generally a dependent species, needing company or some sort of contact with other humans. Along with this, we usually do not want to feel different and later, we sometimes model our actions after what we see others do.
Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning existence, knowledge, moral judgments, mind and language. The word philosophy is of Ancient Greek origin: (philosophía), meaning "love of knowledge", "love of wisdom". So, since the "real world" is our existence and philosophy by definition is the study of the fundamental problems of existence, philosophy applies to the real world because it is the study of the problems and questions of the real world.

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