Imagine It 's A Beautiful Summer Day Essay

Imagine It 's A Beautiful Summer Day Essay

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Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day. Sun shining. Windows are down in your car, allowing the fresh air to blow your hair in the wind. As you turn down a side street, you see a car coming towards you. You slow down expecting the other driver to slow down too; but that’s not the case. Frightened, you slam on your brakes, honking the horn to get their attention. Finally, the other driver slams on her brakes. Her cell-phone flies out of her window as the car came to a screeching stop. Missed hitting you by inches!!! Disturbed, you get out of your car, pick up the cell-phone, and hand the cell-phone back to her. “Are you Ok”, you ask? She replies, “Yes. I’m fine. I was on my cell-phone and didn’t see you. I’m glad you honked your horn.” Shaken, at her response you get back in your car drive away, grateful that it didn’t turn out how it could have. A Fatal car accident!! Unfortunately, this story is true; as a matter of fact it is my story. It’s been about five years since this incident happened; I’m glad that I made it out to tell the story. However, that’s not the ending for so many others. They actually lose their lives in accidents caused by drivers who are distracted by cell-phone use. Cell-phone usage, while driving, can create distractions that can lead to major accidents; the worse case scenario would be death. You and I can come together to ban the use of cell-phones while driving. You may ask how and why? In banning cell-phone use while driving, it will help in preventing unnecessary accidents and deaths, also drivers who talk or text while driving are less aware of their surrounding road conditions, and major cell-phone companies have joined together to bring awareness of the danger of using your cell-phones while driving.

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... the phone aside. I stated earlier, cell-phone usage, while driving, can create distractions that can lead to major accidents; the worse case scenario would be death. So many lives have been affected and we need to join forces together to put an end to cell-phone use while operating a motor vehicle. Again I say; in banning cell-phone use while driving, it will help in preventing unnecessary accidents and deaths. Also, I pointed out drivers who talk or text while driving are less aware of their surrounding road conditions, and major cell-phone companies have joined together to bring awareness of the danger of using your cell-phones while driving. With all that said, as the wise saying state where there is unity there is strength. (Unknown). There is strength in numbers. The only way we can make this ban stick is if we all agree and fight for it. Lets Make It Happen!!

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