Images of Christian Devotion in Late Antiquity and Byzantium Essay examples

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Images of Christian devotion in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus in Rome represents reflects the transformed status of Christianity. Junius Bassus was a member of a senatorial family and he was responsible for the administration of the city of Rome. Junius Bassus died at the age of 42 in the year 359, this sarcophagus was made for him. He had become a convert to Christianity before his death.
The style and iconography of the sarcophagus reflects the transformed status of Christianity. Before the time of Constantine, the picture of Christ was never used directly by important members of the Roman Emperor. In this sarcophagus, Christ represented directly and delivered from Roman Imperial Art perspective. Peter and Paul are also represented in the sarcophagus. Peter is represented with a bowl hair and short cropped beard and Paul is represented with a pointed beard. They both have different hair color (Peter has a white hair and Paul’s hair I white.Christ is being represented in two ways. The youthful, beardless Christ (Based on Apollo) and the dominance Christ with a long beard (Based on Juniper or Zeus). The feet of Christ show that he is relax and he is being show as a muscular figure. This is formula deliver Roman Art to show that he is a powerful person. Caelus’s position under Christ feet show that Christ is the ruler of heaven and he is more powerful than him. One of the icon of the sarcophagus show the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
Some of the icons show the inclusion of the Old and New Testament scenes. For example, the icon of the image of Adam and Eve are covering their private parts of the body. The scene of Daniel in the lion’s depth is an example of how salvation have been achieved with...

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...images in
Religious devotion. This dispute about the place of images in religious worship came down, in many ways, to a debate over the primacy of sight or hearing in apprehending the divine: whether seeing the image or hearing the Bible was the better or more valid route to God. “(Liz James 529). I think that it will be better for the audience if she have a picture showing the characteristics that she described but the words can help to visualize people. The idea that without sight and hearing people will not understand the purpose of the picture it’s really truth. She quoted that “Nevertheless, both sight and hearing interacted in the overall comprehension of the image; the Visual did not act alone.”(Liz James 529)

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