Images and Their Depictions on Social Network Essay

Images and Their Depictions on Social Network Essay

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An image has the ability to convey philosophies that text possibly cannot; therefore, people tend to use images to express their emotions rather than texts. Images may look simple; however, they are in fact complex and hold various meanings behind them. Most social networks allow you to upload images in order to show your distinctive personality in any way you please. In other words, the pictures displayed in social networks do not necessarily show our whole personality, but only the aspects we would to be seen. A lot of the time, however, we use pictures while oblivious to the meanings they hold.
Chad is a 30-year-old English professor whose Facebook page displays two pictures that express his personality and interests. Chad seems to be into adventurous and thrilling hobbies as the photos he displays suggest. While his cover photo shows a long distance shot of a storm that blends clear skies with cloudy skies, conveying the greatness of the storm, his profile picture displays him with bear in black and white.
The cover photo in Chad's profile is a long distance picture of a supercell thunderstorm. Since it is a Facebook cover photo, it is displayed as a banner in one's profile which will greatly impact the first impression of the profile, thus reflecting on the profile's owner; consequently, a photo of a thunderstorm in the distance gives the profile a grand impression. Furthermore, the angle in which the photo is taken is meant to show the vastness of the storm. Moreover, the picture was taken in an angle in which the sun is positioned behind the rain making it hazy and dim; thus, demonstrating the dominance of the storm over the sun, making it the center of attention. In addition, the colors seem natural; however, the contras...

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...y the storm in the Cover Photo and the bear strangling him in the Profile Picture as if they were on the side of the road. Since Chad is 30 years old, he may be going through an adult development that is called an Age 30 Transition ("Age 30 transition." xx), in which a person have gained experience in their 20's and move on to, for example, establish the career they always wanted.
On the Internet, we have the chance to portray ourselves however we please, as seen in Chad's Facebook Profile. He showed the adventurous side of his personality on his Facebook Profile and disregarded his professional side as an English professor who is interested in literature. Chad may have been oblivious to what people see in his profile; however, the subconscious mind works in its own endeavors.

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