Illustratte Technique and How It Relates to Performance Essay

Illustratte Technique and How It Relates to Performance Essay

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According to the Dictionary of Sport Science, 1992 technique is best defined as “a specific sequence of movements or parts of movement in solving movement tasks in sports situations”. Bober, 1981 suggested that using kinematic and temporal variables is the best way to illustrate technique. Most reports reviewing technique reported the use temporal occurrence of linear and angular displacements and velocity and their amplitude. Other implements are available for quantifying biomechanical movement such as electromyography, plantar pressure and kinetic analysis. Technique is not always a positive indicator of performance as good technique is not always an indicator of good performance, there can be other influences although generally good technique can improve performance (Lees, 1992).
Technique analysis’ are useful in aiding coaches improve athletes performance by linking their performance skills with biomechanical principles. One form of technique analysis is quantitative analysis. The advantage of quantitative analysis based on scientific principles is that it can be applied to various settings such as instructional and clinical (Lees, 2002). The purpose of this research is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of wearing different foot wear or wearing no footwear on running performance. As well as this, the research will examine what advantages are gained by wearing the Vibram Five Finger shoes in comparison to running barefoot and with ordinary running trainers. Ten healthy male participants will be recruited to examine the differences between conditions. The three main components of ground reaction forces will be measured using a Kistler force platform. Spatio-temporal and kinematic variables will be calculated by videot...

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...gers mimicked barefoot running as well as adding a thin layer of protection to the foot. A higher pressure under the metatarsal head and a higher thrust peak force suggests that runners can push off more vigorously when wearing the Vibram Fivefingers compared to barefoot. The sample size of this study was however only eight subjects therefore too small to draw any definite conclusions. They calculated only sagittal data thus modification in the transverse and frontal plane could not be examined and is it possible that accuracy was limited in calculating angular values at foot strike as a 60 Hz frame rate was used. Plantar pressure of the shod conditions could also be helpful in gaining a more conclusive outcome. Overall, Squadrone and Gallozzi found similar results to the claims made by Vibram however there were limitations and further research is still required.

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