Essay about Illiteracy Project Proposal

Essay about Illiteracy Project Proposal

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Did you know that many children as well as adults cannot read? Statistics show that if they have the resources they need that reading can be enhanced. For my senior project I plan to do an extensive book drive for educators to assist children as well as adults still in school learn to read by providing proper books for daycares, elementary schools and adult learning centers to use. After receiving authorization from the following facilities, I will set up boxes and bins at places such as Publix, different public schools, and my parent’s work. In order to spread the word of my project, I will make posters and advertisements to station at local businesses. I will aim to get in contact with a local radio station and see if they can advertise where listeners can contribute books to my cause.
Furthermore, my plan is to have my book drive around the end of my junior year or during the summer. I think having my book drive during the summer would be best because school has just finished and people have time to read and can donate surplus books. My project should be completely finished by the beginning of my senior year of 2011 since I will be presenting in April. My mother has offered to donate many of the books she and her coworkers read at the hospital. I am very appreciative of their generosity since they read so much. I should obtain plenty of books to donate.
I estimate that this project will take from March 2010 to August 2010. During the month of March I will be getting my proposal together and putting all the research I possibly can into this project. April will include acquiring and decorating up to at least five boxes and/or bins for my donated books. The months of May to June will consist of me calling up and visiting variou...

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