Illinois Resident Cristian Loga Negru Essay

Illinois Resident Cristian Loga Negru Essay

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Illinois resident Cristian Loga-Negru is going to be charged with first- degree intentional homicide. On November 19, Cristian a 38 year old man attacked and killed his 36 year old wife, Roxana E. Abrudan in Mount Pleasant Wisconsin. The couple was married in Arlington Heights Illinois for a period of time. The relationship that developed had was an abusive one. As a result of the abuse, Abrudan reported it to the authorities, got restraining order and moved away from Cristian. Abrudan moved in with her boss and his wife for about a month. Loga-Negru was able to find her after a short amount of time. Around 8:19 at night, on Calvin lane in front of Abrudan 's boss ' house , he attacked her with a hatchet. He then proceeded to drag her into a rental truck and drove away according to eye witnesses. Police were called to the scene of the crime. A few minutes after they arrived, they got another call about a creepy man and a women laying on the floor in a puddle of blood. The Police drove to the Super 8 motel on 1150 Oakes Road. There they found Loga-Negru standing over his wife. The ploice arrested Cristian, and Abrudan was sent to Froedtert Hospital. She was pronounced dead later that night. Loga-Negru is now in police custody with out bail.
Aggressiveness is a instinctive behavior which is innate, unlearned, and universal (Myer e11). As toddlers, we have the traits to be aggressive. Everyone shows aggressiveness and aggressive behavior occurs across cultures. However the aggression that Cristian Loga-Negru expressed that night was beyond the point of normal behavior. Especially for his victim Ms. Abrudan who had to suffer.
Loga-Negru, who is mentally insane, showed signs of aggression, more specifically hostile aggressi...

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... our culture dictates that we steps to protect our selves against aggressive people.
After Cristian Loga-Negru killed his wife, he must of felt catharsis or emotional release. After he was caught by police Cristian asked to be given the death penalty or for one of the police officers to shoot him. He stated that " I can stand a lot of smells but not her blood on me" (JT News paper). He was not angry at his dead wife any more. He wants to die now.
In conclusion, Cristian Loga-Negru killed his wife out of anger. His aggressiveness was probably a result of the frustration he felt when she left him, the psychological pain he may have felt or the high levels of testosterone. all these factors could have lead him to his increased aggression. However he may just be plain crazy. In the end Abrudan was unjustly murdered and I hope Cristian Loga-Negru rots in jail.

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