Essay on Illinois Median Household Income

Essay on Illinois Median Household Income

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According to the US Census Bureau, “Median income is the amount which divides the income distribution into two equal groups, half having income above that amount, and half having income below that amount” and it provides a better sense of how prosperous a certain place is than the average income since average income can be influenced by irregularity (unusually high and low values). Illinois has a wide range of median household income levels ranging from $28,725 (Alexander County) to $85,630 (Kendall County) with an average of $56,230 (American FactFinder). The counties with the highest median household income are Will, Du Page, McHenry, Lake, and Kendall County which all surround Cook County (except Kendall which surrounds Will) while the counties with the lowest median household income are located mostly in the most southern part of Illinois (American FactFinder). A majority of counties though have a median household income of $40,000-$52000 (American FactFinder).
Chicago makes up most of Cook County. People with higher income tend to move out of the city into neighboring suburbs for better housing and job opportunities (Kempen) and in the 90’s these counties experienced a decade of economic prosperity (Mendell). This holds true as the neighboring counties of Cook County are the most affluent (median household income from $76,000-$86,000) except Kane County which is at $66,834 (American FactFinder). Another part of Illinois this holds true is Monroe County which is part of the Greater St. Louis Area. Though it’s not part of the top highest median household income, Monroe County is still pretty affluent with $70,904 (American FactFinder). Cook County on the other hand only has a median household income of 54,559 (American FactFi...

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