Essay about Illinois Colleges and Universities

Essay about Illinois Colleges and Universities

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Illinois has many big colleges located in this state. Colleges such as Illinois University, Northwestern University and DePaul University is located throughout Illinois. Even though Northwestern and Illinois University are bigger, DePaul is also in division one. Distance Learning and Net Cost is being used throughout Illinois. All of these great colleges make up Illinois and Illinois’s learning abilities in college.
University of Illinois
Illinois is home to Illinois University. Although the University is located near Champaign, it also borders Urbana Illinois. Since this University consists of over 43,000 students University of Illinois faces very tough schools. They major in 150 different activities. This University is in the Big Ten Conference in sports with other teams such as Penn State University,Ohio State University and Nebraska University.The University of Illinois has nineteen varsity teams as some of them teams have won national titles(“University” para.1).Although the University of Illinois is similar to other colleges they are also different. They use National center of educational statistics for their learning and so does Northwestern University, De Paul University and Illinois State University (“University” para.9). University of Illinois serves the state. This University creates knowledge by applications(“University” para.12). The gender count on this campus are almost even. There are fifty-six percent Male and forty-four percent are female students on campus. The total amount of students that enrollment is 44,520 students.Because there is so many students is because there is a total of 32,281 undergraduate students(“University” para.3). Not many students are receiving aid on this campus. It cost $11,411 for gran...

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...ce learning("College"para.17). Black Hawk College is located in Moline Illinois. It cost $4,848 to go there and that is very cheap for a college. Black Hawk College does have distance learning(“College para.21).
Illinois is a remarkable state for their colleges. Many colleges can be found in the area’s with big populations. Illinois University is one of the largest colleges in Illinois. Northwestern University is also very large yet, not the biggest in Illinois. The private school of DePaul is also very large and very competitive. Work hard and try to go to these colleges!

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